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    Shenzhen Jinlong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a professional PCB oriented testing industry of high-tech companies. The company has the industry engaged in technical services for many years of machinery, electronics, software, tooling, CAM engineers more than, in terms of testing has a very rich experience.
A new concept of testing machine in 2006 the independent brand universal machine technology and special machine technology combined with the market success, the company's business has expanded to the automation of product development, manufacturing, sales, service testing machine, test fixture design, testing technical support, comprehensive testing services and accessories sales. It has own brand PCB/FPC test machine, jig patent, automatic stamp machine, automatic ink jet system, breaker and so on.
In line with the technology based principles, we will reward customers with continuous product innovation and continuous upgrading of services. At the same time, we are more committed to solving problems for our customers.
Looking forward to working with your company to join hands in creating tomorrow's brilliant!



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